Experience the signing of the Declaration of Independence like never before at America’s Founding Fathers Exhibit.

Meet the men who founded America in a building modeled after Philadelphia’s Independence Hall in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. The exhibit features a stunning life-size rendition of John Trumbull’s iconic “Declaration of Independence” painting with an accompanying light and sound show. The realistic three-dimensional sculptures, bright sparks and booming sound effects help tell the story of how 56 patriots forged the American Revolution and helped to create the freedoms that Americans enjoy centuries later.

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Photo of the interior of the Founding Fathers Exhibit.

KrisAnne Hall: Genealogy of the Constitution

September 29, 2018 9:00 am - 10:30 am


National speaker and Constitutional lawyer KrisAnne Hall will speak about the basic tenets of the Constitution in a presentation titled The Genealogy of the Constitution. You cannot rightly understand the Constitution without a proper framing of its foundation. In this 1hr presentation KrisAnne presents the 700yr history and 5 foundational charters that gave us our founding documents. You will see the striking parallels between today’s events and the events that illuminated our framers’ understanding. You will go away inspired and hopeful, ready to take up the torch of liberty again! Click here for your tickets!

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Location: America's Founding Fathers Exhibit

Combining art and history for an extraordinary look into this nation’s past

Interact with history by ringing the Liberty Bell on your way in, signing the Declaration of Independence, and even shooting an authentic flintlock rifle that is just like the ones used during the Revolutionary War. Step back in time at this premier Black Hills attraction!

America’s Founding Fathers Exhibit’s friendly, knowledgeable staff is on hand to provide information about the exhibit, as well as add to the authenticity of the experience by dressing in colonial-style clothing.

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Whether you’re a veteran, history buff, art lover, were intrigued by the musical “Hamilton”, or simply enjoy being entertained while learning something new, you are sure to walk away with a deeper knowledge of the events that led to America declaring its freedom from Britain.

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